Before there was Funlab, there was Strike. It first laid down its lanes on Chapel Street at the turn of the century and pushed bowling beyond its limits. To bring the cool back to a game that had come to feel more like a staple for senior citizens in the suburbs. To do bowling like no other. Today, they’ve achieved that – and then some.

With more than 20 venues here in Australia, Strike aren’t just delivering brilliant bowling experiences to the world. Look beyond the alleys and you’ll find laser tag and karaoke, virtual darts, escape rooms and more.

Strike brings fun beyond bowling. So it’s no surprise it was the brand that led to Funlab in the first place.


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Keeping Strike ahead of the game

Strike pioneered a resurgence of bowling in Australia. There have never been more places to go bowling or be entertained – but as more competition entered the lanes, Strike found more lanes to surprise and delight fun lovers.

While the on-ground experience of Strike is still second-to-none, they came to realise their brand hadn’t kept up in quite the same way. Challenge accepted.

Together, we would help them realise an opportunity to revitalise a brand they’d outgrown. Adding dimension to better communicate the scope of their offering beyond the bowling alleys. Building a modern brand to match the energy you feel in the venue. And setting the tone of business transformation that was still to come.

Rolling into a fun-filled world

Our first step was stepping into Strike’s world. After all, theirs is a fun that needs to be felt (and seen and heard, as we soon realised). This wasn’t just about a fun day out, though. We wanted to immerse ourselves in how Strike exists in the real world. To see how people interact with and experience the brand – so we could better understand what sets them apart.

What surfaced was just how much more Strike there was than bowling. It’s a place to escape the everyday. To get lost in the adjacent activities and all the little details around the space. It’s an experience that could only have come from Funlab – and one that proudly boasts the spirit of the Funlab masterbrand’s idea of ‘Pure Magic’.

From imagination to application

If the Strike brand is all about more, then it was clear the visual system needed to do more too.

We started with the logo, leveraging over 20 years of awareness to create something more modern in look, feel and practical application.

For a brand that has never stuck in one lane, it made sense that the logo does the same – so it can now morph into different forms to keep the good times rolling.

Where fun takes shape

Inspired by our bowling lanes, the runway device is where fun takes off at Strike. Extending from our logo, this device acts as a platform for all the kinds of activities you can do at Strike. With in-built flexibility, not only is it a functional element in our design system, but a distinctive one too.

More hype, more magic and more than you might expect

A darker colour palette has been electrified with a collective of colours that are brighter, bolder and unmistakably Strike. Red is the thread that helps the brand to stand out, while a secondary palette brings energy and vibrancy across backgrounds, illustrations and patterns.

Illustrations and patterns burst with energy and add extra depth to design and to hero the different activities offered as part of the Strike experience.

Who has time to set-up the perfect lighting when you’re having fun?

Our distinctive photography style captures the hyped-up experience through the eyes of customers. The focus is on images that clearly show this kind of effortless fun is best shared in good company.

It has been an honour to work with FutureBrand to reinvigorate our oldest and best loved brand. Strike has been a stalwart for over two decades and the work that has been done will ensure that it remains so for decades to come. It's bright, it's vibrant, it's fun and it's inclusive - all of the things we know and love about this wonderful brand. I am excited to see how guests old and new react.

Oonagh Flanagan

Chief Marketing Officer