1 in 2 Australians will experience mental illness in their lifetime. In fact, most countries around the world are facing a similar challenge. That’s millions of people in need of mental health care. What’s more, they need it now. In Australia, if and when people do need mental health support, they likely have to wait more than a year to get it – because the right care can be hard to find. Or it’s out of reach.


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The great health crisis of our time

The challenge may be great, but for Innowell the opportunity was even greater. To transform
the way health care is delivered by enabling the democratisation of access, care and support.
Envisioned and realised by a team of academics, clinical professionals, technologists and digital specialists, Innowell’s digital infrastructure was the first step towards helping to change the mental health care landscape in this country.

A commercial brand for a bold vision

To realise this bold vision, Innowell needed a brand to help them transition beyond the world of research. To be more than just a logo used in clinical trials, but a brand for a commercial product, trusted by clinicians and embraced by patients. At the very core, Innowell is here to open up mental health care – for everyone. Because with the right care at the right time, Innowell opens up the possibility that we can all live happier and healthier lives.

Unlocking a symbol of hope

Innowell’s unique partnership of clinical technology with human compassion – visualised by the square and the circle embedded within the logo – provided the foundation for the brand’s identity system. The union of the square and circle created a keyhole motif, signifying Innowell’s ambition to help unlock the barriers and open up access to better mental health care. This powerful symbol sits within the re-imagined brandmark, serving as an important signal and useful reminder of Innowell’s vision.

Building an interwoven network

Once unlocked, the keyhole grows organically into a series of interconnected nodes, designed into a pattern with the fluidity to stretch from compact digital spaces through to physical collateral. This interwoven network represents connection - whether patients connected to personalised care, or clinicians matched with companion technology.

The story of the brand is now so clear, so compelling that you can see it resonate with every telling. This clarity has not only guided the product’s evolution but also directly informed our successful pitches to prospective client organisations. The strength of our new brand is measured in these new business wins and it has unlocked our potential to make personalised mental health care available to tens of thousands more people.

Syed Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer