Fiji Airways

The national flag carrying airline of Fiji operates internationally from its hubs in Fiji to 13 countries and 26 cities around the world. Selected as the lead design partner in the rebranding of the airline’s identity and experience as it transformed to ‘Fiji Airways’, our opportunity was to redefine the national airline to embody the values and unique spirit of Fiji with a brand and experience that would not only create advocacy for the airline itself but also create a proud symbol for Fiji and its people.


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Returning a once regional airline back to the people of Fiji

Return a once region­al air­line back to the peo­ple of Fiji. We were tasked with cre­at­ing a sym­bol that would stand out at some of the world’s busiest inter­na­tion­al air­ports, a sym­bol that would allow us to become the very best fly­ing ambas­sador that Fiji could ever have. The name change and new liv­ery design has been incred­i­bly well received local­ly in sym­bol­iz­ing a return of the air­line to the coun­try, so that wher­ev­er the plane trav­els, it is a fly­ing bill­board for Fiji.

Crafting a uniquely Fijian identity

As a national symbol, Fiji Airways has to represent the very best of Fiji’s traditions and culture. Partnering with renowned Fijian Masi Artist, Makereta Matemosi and the Air Pacific team, we created a uniquely Fijian identity that truly celebrated a proud nation and its people. Makereta Matemosi crafted a traditional Masi for the airline, an ancient art form that embodies the traditions and spirit of Fiji.

From the biggest moments to the smallest details

The centre of the Masi features the Teteva, a graphic symbol that incorporates meaning relative to Fiji and Fiji Airways. The innermost part of the Teteva, the diamond, represents the love Fijians have for Fiji.

This Masi was celebrated in the airline’s new identity and translated into its livery design as well as providing motifs that are embedded in the airline’s aircraft details.

Onwards and upwards

The refreshed Fiji Airways brand was extremely well received by employees and customers alike, winning Brand New’s 'Global Rebrand of the Year' in 2014. Since then Fiji Airways has continued to flourish, expanding it's long-haul fleet resulting in significant growth across their network - it now flies to more places, more often and most importantly, the brand has connected with more people.

It was clear, beyond representing Fiji on the global stage, that our return to Fiji Airways needed to deliver long-term benefits for the destination, the airline, and the region—delivering a truly authentic identity, one that showed the depth of culture and natural diversity that Fiji and its 333 islands offers. Working with Makereta and FutureBrand ensured we were able to retain the integrity, beauty, and meaning of one of Fiji’s richest art forms and apply this successfully in a visual identity. Beyond lifting our profile, our identity system also serves to protect and nourish the art form for future generations.

David Green

Senior Marketing Manger of Air Pacific