Orygen is the world’s leading research and knowledge centre for youth mental health. Their vision was to transform youth mental health support by bringing together specialist and enhanced primary care systems into the one seamless model to ensure that the needs of patients and their families were met. A unified organisation inside and out would not only help to drive brand awareness, clarity and impact, but would reinvigorate Orygen’s employees, helping to build a stronger culture of passionate and pioneering clinicians, researchers, educators and advocates.


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Creating a world-class brand for a world-class organisation

Awareness campaigns from both government and NFP entities have expanded our society’s understanding of mental health and the benefits of early intervention. Awareness is important to supporting change, while action is ultimately what makes the critical difference. Noisy, competitive and at times under-resourced, the mental health sector is facing increasing pressure to design and deliver services that can prove their impact. With this in mind, we embraced the opportunity to break free from category conventions and create a brand with an attitude to challenge and the gravitas to lead. Rather than motivating a movement, with the central idea of ‘never settle’, Orygen promises to inspire a revolution.

For young people, by young people

In the spirit of collaboration and empathy, which are both at the heart of Orygen’s patient-centred care, we worked with young people across the mental healthcare spectrum to understand and inform the direction of this new brand. During one of these collaborative sessions, the motif of a semi-colon was discussed as a visual means of expressing the brand idea – a familiar yet meaningful symbol that signals a thoughtful pause for reflection with more to come.

Revolution in mind

Not wanting to trivialise the conversation with cliched stock photography, but understanding that big photoshoots were not a financially feasible solution, we crafted expressive hand-cut illustrations to give the brand the flexibility to talk to a broad audience – from clinicians and government to educators and those struggling with mental health. Unique and ownable, the beauty of these illustrations lies in the rawness of their imperfections. Just as the brand is positioned to never settle, so too will this set of illustrations continue to evolve over time, with the internal design team enabled to add new designs as the brand grows and evolves.

We’re thrilled that the work FutureBrand undertook on developing a revolutionary 
new brand for Orygen has won Gold in the Transform Awards. We greatly value the time the FutureBrand team took to develop our brand strategy and to see this evolve into 
a bold visual identity that reminds us every 
day to keep pushing to ensure that young people experiencing mental ill-health get 
the help they need and deserve.

Penny Fannin

Director Communications