hipages has leveled up in all kinds of ways since it first pioneered the online tradie marketplace in Australia. Today, it’s Australia’s go-to home improvement brand – with 32,000 tradies and more than 4 million homeowners to date who have used the platform to find, hire and manage jobs around the home.

hipages continues to evolve – and their brand needed a renovation to match the business’ ongoing transformation. To make sure hipages was known for more than just job leads and recognised as the one tool that everyone can use to build better homes and businesses. No matter which side of the experience you’re a part of.

We partnered with hipages to help make that positioning possible through a new brand strategy, identity and experience.


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Time to improve the home improvement market

The online home improvement marketplace has become complex and fragmented over the years. Homeowners risk hiring unqualified or unskilled odd-jobbers – and tradies risk wasting time and resources on indecisive customers.

hipages knew they could build from their position as Australia’s largest online tradie marketplace in order to stand for more. Their mission? To evolve their product offering so that tradies felt empowered to build, grow and manage their businesses, while offering homeowners more services, more inspiration and the best possible home improvement experiences. All while continuing to disrupt and own the category, and to introduce qualified tradies to quality connections.

Trading up to an altogether better experience

Only hipages can make life simpler for tradies and homeowners alike. They’re the go-to platform that both sides of every project can rely on – every time they need either qualified connections or qualified tradies. Equipping them with the one tool everyone can use to turn below-average experiences into altogether better homes and businesses. All in the one place, too.

This is what it means to use hipages. Whether job opportunities or business tools or home inspo, hipages means you can ‘Trade Up’ to something better. It’s this idea that sits at the heart of the hipages brand and business.

Building on a bright Orange foundation

Our brand refresh builds on what made hipages great – with a real focus on the vivid energy of hipages Orange.

We developed a new colour palette to make eye-catching Orange shine even brighter.

Steel is the cool and reliable shade that reflects the confidence people can feel using hipages to connect with trusted tradies. Plaster keeps things calm and clear and makes all the important information easy to find. And when it’s time to highlight key info or add an extra burst of energy, the Blueprint and Hi-vis accent colours pop to keep the whole hipages experience fun and unforgettable.

Don’t settle for ground level

When it’s time to trade up to a better brand experience, consistency is key. To help us achieve that across all touchpoints, we turned to hipages’ house symbol for inspiration – evolving it into a new arrow graphic.

Its dynamic upward form reflects the ‘Trade Up’ brand idea. It’s both a functional tool for organising content and a uniquely-ownable brand asset – one which can be used in three different ways. So that the hipages team can keep building up new levels of brand recognition for years to come.

The image of seamless home improvement experiences

Our images capture the feeling of what it means to ‘trade up’, in all sorts of ways. From the first spark of inspiration for a homeowner, to the upside of a tradie’s new project, to the collaborative spirit that defines the work done through hipages.

We use authentic locations and real tools of the trade to capture the essence of home improvement projects. Our images celebrate the transformation that hipages helps achieve, empowering both homeowners and tradies to make the most of every project. We focus on the joy of the process and the lasting satisfaction of turning big and small dreams into reality. One project at a time.

This brand renovation is more than just a new coat of paint. It’s a refreshed platform for hipages to continue building their story as they continue evolving their business. A new toolkit to express all of the best qualities of the hipages personality. And a collaborative process from start to finish – like all the best home improvement projects should be.