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Country Branding

FutureBrand is one of the world’s leading authorities in country brand strategy and management, driven by our long-standing research in the field

In a world of global trade, communications, tourism and supra-national political organizations the meaning and value of ‘place’ has never been more complex or contentious.

But where we choose to work, study, travel and invest is still informed as much by associations and experiences of a country as it is by regulatory, economic and social conditions. FutureBrand helped to pioneer the study of countries as brands, understanding that they can be managed and measured for trade, investment and tourism growth.

The Country Brand Index (CBI) was first published in 2005 and has evolved to measure the dimension of country of origin or ‘made in’ that is an increasingly important driver of choice for corporate and consumer brands, as well as demonstrating that countries which qualify as brands have a measurable competitive advantage. Our practice draws on these insights, and includes country, destination, event and ‘made in’ branding for some of the world’s most celebrated places.

Watch this space for the 2019 FutureBrand Country Index which will be published in May.

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