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Loma Negra

Loma Negra

Change to remain a leader


For over 90 years, Loma Negra has been a leader in the cement industry and one of the most important companies in Argentina. In 2005 the enterprise was acquired by the Camargo Corrêa Group, of Brazil.

Loma Negra


The commercial strategy of Loma Negra had a new focus: it has to re-orient itself towards the final consumer. Consequently, its visual identity needed and deserved, by history and prestige, to be updated and aligned with a new brand strategy.


FutureBrand carried out a comprehensive project for the brand that included a new positioning to favor the identification of customers with the benefits obtained through the products and services offered by Loma Negra. It complemented the strategy phase with the execution of a complete analysis, the reorganization of brand architecture and the definition of key audiences and the respective communication tones to develop a message guide.

The visual identity was redesigned in line with the business strategy and new brand aspirations. This new identity opened the doors for a careful design of packaging and many other pieces of the company.

The project included the creation of the Lomax and Plasticor product brands, as well as the master brand InterCement, the controlling company of Loma Negra, a member of the Camargo Corrêa Group.


Loma Negra preserves intact the attributes and values that made it grow since 1926, with a positioning and an evolved identity that expresses the challenges that the company will face in the future.