FutureBrand | Bolivia


Boosting the image of Bolivia

Given the perception barrier that the external image anchored in stereotypes (corruption, insecurity, etc.), Bolivia decided to manage actively its image through the creation of a country brand.

The challenge was to attract flows of capital and people in all areas of activity. And finally, to project its capacity to reach political, economic and social stability, showing its uniqueness in front of other countries in its environment.


The Challenge

To know in depth the image perceived at the internal and external levels, a market research was carried out mainly from a qualitative perspective interviewing key stakeholders of the country, such as: producers, opinion leaders, regional representatives, ideologists and social movements.

The market research consisted of 61 interviews (email, personal, telephone) and 29 focus groups. Chile, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Brazil have been analyzed in depth as competing countries, and Peru, New Zealand and Costa Rica as best practices to enrich the analysis and brand strategy.

Then, a brand personality and it DNA was defined.

The Solution

The new values around which the brand is articulated were “Mother Earth”, “Equity for All”, “Living Essence” and “Exemplariness for the World”. With them, the brand at the same time capitalize its past and is projecting to the future.

The new brand, tested internationally, reflects the color richness and the diversity of the country for which it has opted for an identity full of life.

Its icon transmits movement and shows a country that grows and evolves.

The Results

The new Bolivia brand was released in September 2017, and will be used on on and offline applications in Bolivia and abroad.