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Reimagining the Future of American Airlines


American Airlines was making significant investments across the airline, including significant onboard and airport upgrades, and placing the largest new plane order in commercial aviation history. But they weren’t getting credit from customers for all that they were doing. After four decades of flying under the same logo and livery, American was ready for an identity that its customers would see on planes, but also feel in a more meaningful way across a variety of experiences the world over. Additionally, while updates to the livery were the recognized need, there was a larger opportunity for a new brand essence and identity to come to life through the many ways both customers and employees experience American


We helped American tell a story big enough to inspire the kind of change needed to reconnect American with its customers and reconnect American’s people with the company. Building upon the powerful idea of possibilities, we developed a new logo, livery, visual style, tone of voice and environments that bring to life an experience that is clear and confident, yet welcoming and engaging. The updated look and feel honors the airline’s heritage while capturing the timeless spirit of modern America.

A Brand Center provided teams a place to go for all things brand. The brand Helpdesk allows the Brand Team to manage the process of answering in-bound questions in an orderly fashion and supports the review & approval process of brand collateral produced by the global network.


Reinvigorating American required an organization mindset shift, using the new brand as a lens to influence all decision-making and tapping into those truths that best represent modern America: pride, innovation, opportunity and progress. An updated identity had to convey these truths while capturing the optimism and sense of possibility that are uniquely American. The transformation also needed to evolve American from flying planes to flying people; from being a provider of transportation to a participant on their customers’ journeys; and from offering a network of destinations to offering a world of possibilities.

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