FutureBrand Australia appoints Strategy Director in newly-created role

01 August, 2022 Share socially

FutureBrand Australia has appointed Jill Hale to the newly-created role of Strategy Director.

Jill’s appointment follows FutureBrand’s 25% growth in the past financial year as the company bolsters its team to deliver for its growing group of clients.

On FutureBrand Australia’s growth CEO Rich Curtis said: “My aim for both our new and current team members alike is to deliver a rewarding employee experience so that we not only retain our wonderfully talented people but also attract new talent in an increasingly competitive recruitment market. With that in mind, Jill is a great fit for our team culture and the way we work with our clients."

What attracted us to Jill is the depth of her experience combined with her belief that she still has more to learn and grow, and that’s a combination that fits very well with our culture and ways of working. We see our team as a diverse group of experts who are continually learning to enrich the strategic insights and ideas we deliver for our clients. Jill’s appointment now and Emma Waterman’s promotion to Senior Strategist in June grow our team as we maintain our drive to enable our growing group of clients to transform and grow their brands and businesses.
Victoria Berry
Head of Strategy, FutureBrand Australia

Jill joins FutureBrand from The Contenders where she was a Senior Strategist. Prior to that, Jill was an independent consultant with Ginger and Chief Customer Officer with Brande. She’s also held roles with Interbrand and Yoke.

To say I am happy to be joining FutureBrand doesn't adequately convey how much this opportunity means to me. On the one hand, I’m nervous, as this is a branding company I have looked up to and admired for well over a decade. On the other, I feel immensely proud to be joining Rich’s team, made up of industry leaders like Victoria. I look forward to contributing everything I can to the transformational clients with whom FutureBrand works, while also continuing to learn and grow, as all strategists should.
Jill Hale
Strategy Director, FutureBrand Australia

FutureBrand’s recent wins include Beca, Bush Heritage Australia, Golf Australia, Huddle Insurance, Open Money Group and TPT Wealth. FutureBrand has also secured an expanded remit with both Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and Funlab across its portfolio of brands that include Strike, Holey Moley and the newly-launched Hijinx Hotel, among other confidential projects.

The business continues to achieve a high Net Promoter Score with clients at +71.