FutureBrand creates new brand for IntechOpen

13 June, 2018 Share socially

Born from a real desire to make publishing easier and more relevant for the digital age, IntechOpen has grown to become the world’s leading publisher of Open Access books, specialising in technology, science and medicine.

FutureBrand worked with IntechOpen to create a new and relevant brand strategy, digital-first brand identity system and responsive digital experience that lives up to the fundamental truths inherent in the IntechOpen brand values.

The result is a brand that seamlessly marries digital and print to create a connected brand experience however the user engages with it.

What at first might look just like a visual rebrush, was a process of diving into the very core of our company. For months our team worked very hard with FutureBrand who helped us put our insights into visible action. The results of the hard work is our new brand identity that truly represents what IntechOpen is – an Open Access platform built by scientists, for scientists Visually, a lot has changed; but what stays the same are our beliefs that scientific progress is fuelled by collaboration and that the playing field for scientific research should be levelled globally to inspire greater opportunity for collaboration, speed of discovery and scientific progress.
Alex Lazinica
CEO and Founder, IntechOpen

Read the full case study here.