Country Brand Peru launches a new graphic system at the 2018 Russia World Cup

13 July, 2018 Share socially

Country Brand Peru is perhaps the most significant case of country branding within the last decade, having led to a paradigm shift regarding the importance of the internal audience, which in this case, embraced the new brand with fervour, transforming each Peruvian into an ambassador for the rest of the world.

Since the launch of the brand in 2011, FutureBrand has worked with the Peru team on various projects and challenges. After 7 years, it was time to review the graphic system of the brand to reinvigorate it and refresh it, without losing its original spirit.

The system was picked apart to evaluate which elements had to be kept intact, and how they were portraying the different beliefs and imagery that have been feeding the Peruvian culture. The result is a new graphic expression, developed by FutureBrand, that retains the most representative visuals and motifs from their expressions and activities: basketry, textiles, ceramics and painting, among others.

The FIFA World Cup, currently being played in Russia, presented the perfect opportunity to launch the new graphic system, with Peru returning to football's greatest celebration after 36 long years of absence. Country Brand Peru were present in Russia to celebrate this event, accompanying its team and spreading Peruvian culture. This special project took shape in “Casa Perú en Rusia” ("Peru House in Russia"), an immersive space within the iconic Manège building; a 4700 m2 exhibition centre located only steps away from Red Square.

Tourist attractions, cultural expressions, crafts, textiles and gastronomy were promoted for visitors from all over the world, along with popular export products such as pisco, cocoa and special coffees - conceived and designed by FutureBrand as well. In addition, the Country Brand put its distinctive mark on other Russian cities, thanks to the "Casa Perú Móvil", which followed the route of Peruvians travelling to encourage their team.

“We are beginning to incorporate the new graphic system for Country Brand Perú developed by FutureBrand in all our communications, both in events and social networks. The official premiere took place in "Casa Perú", where the system was exhibited on signage and decorative panels. Peru's participation in the Russia 2018 World Cup was an unmissable opportunity to showcase the best of the country internationally.”
Isabella Falco
Director of Country Brand Peru

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