Amazon vs ASOS

29 June, 2017 Share socially

Unlike groceries, clothes don’t perish or bruise and established apparel chains, especially in the US, are already in long term decline. What’s more, consumers are increasingly accustomed to buying, and returning, clothes online.

Amazon’s proven record of entering, understanding and then disrupting established markets makes suggesting ASOS has nothing to fear somewhat reckless however I can’t help feeling that if ASOS makes the most of its sector expertise and properly manages the existing relationships it has with its loyalists and advocates, then it will survive and even thrive.

ASOS is for clothing-confident shoppers; it’s a specialist that understands the personal bond some people have with what they wear. Or at least it should be.

Amazon is a generalist. Prime Wardrobe, by association, is likely to appeal more to the less engaged clothing shoppers who perhaps stick to more mainstream brands and cuts – and don’t mind shopping for what they wear at the same place they buy their books, bath toys and, latterly, bread and bananas.

If anyone should be worried, it’s Tesco and Asda.