A brand perspective of the World Cup 2014

23 September, 2014 Share socially
The FIFA World Cup now seems a distant memory but the 2 months that have passed since Germany were crowned World Champions has given us the time to reflect and digest the key brand stories created during the World Cup.

In this podcast Christopher Nurko, FutureBrand's Global Chairman, details how the World Cup is one of the greatest and most important opportunities for brands to gain awareness, profile and hopefully – interest! With over 700 million people watching around the globe, which brands ‘won’ and which brands ‘lost’ from this opportunity is a subject that merits attention. It also begs the questions – does this event and sponsorship marketing opportunity translate into commercial brand preferences or purchase intent? How does it provide a platform for brand marketing and sponsorship that translates into positive brand awareness, preference and choice? Finally, what influence does the World Cup have on socio-cultural norms or attitudes (or vice versa) as a global audience watches, follows and then shares in a discussion via social media channels?

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